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Amazonite 3-Strand Feather Bracelet


1 clasp
2 feather charms
2 bead hangers
2 10mm twisted rings
1 8mm jump ring
4 6mm jump rings
75cm tiger tail
6 crimp beads
6 crimp bead covers
6 wire guardians

7 4mm Amazonite round beads
46 6mm Amazonite round beads
13 8mm Amazonite round beads
7 4x6mm Imperial Rondelle beads
15 8x6mm Imperial Rondelle beads

Materials are available at wwww.beadsonline.com.au


The finished bracelet measures 22cm (not including extension chain). This is suitable for an average to large wrist. Smaller wrists when stringing the bracelet step 4 I should take two 6mm beads from each side of each strand ie strand one instead of starting with five 6mm Amazonite bead start with three and end with three. Strand 2 & 3 instead of starting and ending with four 6mm Amazonite use two.

1. Cut tiger tail into three 25cm sections.

2. Take two 6mm jump rings, two bead hangers and two feather charms. Use the jump rings to attach one feather charm to each of the bead hangers.

3. Take one 25cm length of tiger tail and thread the tail through one crimp bead the wire guardian and back through the crimp bead. Crimp the crimp bead with your crimping pliers. Take your flat-nose pliers and gently place the crimp cover on top of the crimp to hide. Work your flat-nose pliers around the crimp cover to close. Repeat this step with the other two length of tiger tail.

4. Thread the following combination on the three length of tiger tail
STRAND 1: Five 6mm Amazonite beads, one 4x6mm rondelle bead, *four 6mm Amazonite bead, one 4x6mm rondelle bead**, one bead hanger (step 3), one 4x6mm rondelle bead, repeat from * to ** three times and five 6mm Amazonite beads.

STRAND 2: Four 6mm Amazonite beads, *one 4mm Amazonite bead, one 8mm Amazonite beads**, repeat * to ** three times, one 4mm Amazonite bead, nine 8x6mm rondelle beads, repeat * to ** two times and four 6mm Amazonite beads

STRAND 3: Four 6mm Amazonite beads, one 4x6mm rondelle beads, four 6mm Amazonite beads, *one 8mm Amazonite bead, one 8x6mm rondelle bead**, repeat from * to ** four times, one 8mm Amazonite bead, one bead hanger, one 8mm Amazonite bead, one 8x6mm rondelle beads, one Amazonite bead and four Amazonite beads.

5. Finish each piece of tiger tail by threading a crimp bead and work through one wire guardian and through the crimp bead again. Close the crimp bead and cover with a crimp cover.

6. Take one 6mm jump ring and thread the ends of the three beaded strands and the lobster clasp. Take one more 6mm jump ring and thread the other ends of the three beaded strands and one twisted ring. Take one 8mm jump ring and thread the attached twisted ring and one new twisted ring.