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Amazonite Tassel Necklace


1 medium clasp
1 35mm cast metal ring ‘Hope Trust Love’
15 10mm cast metal plain rings
1 10x7mm cast metal cone
4 cast metal charms (moon, star, feather & cowrie shell)
1 19x10mm cast metal filigree leaf
50cm brass chain
28 small eye pins
1 medium eye pin
1 medium head pin
4 4mm jump rings
51 6mm jump rings
3 8mm jump rings

29 4mm Amazonite round beads
14 4mm Amazonite round beads
14 4x6mm Imperial Crystal rondelles beads

Materials are available at wwww.beadsonline.com.au


STEP 1 Divide the chain into four 5cm sections and two 15cm sections

STEP 2 – Make up the tassel
Take the medium eye pin and using your round nose pliers gently open the closed loop. Now thread the ends of the four 5cm sections of chain and gently close the loop making sure its secure and the chain cannot slip out (Picture 2A). Now thread the bead cone on the eye pin (hiding the loop) and one 4mm Amazonite bead (Picture 2B) and finish with a wrapped loop.

Take four 4mm jump rings and the moon, star, feather and cowrie shell charm. Using one 4mm jump ring per charm attach each charm to each of the open ends of chain (Picture 2C).

STEP 3 – Create the following beaded-connectors
A: Fourteen small Amazonite beaded-connectors: Two 4mm Amazonite beads

B: Seven medium Amazonite beaded-connectors: Two 6mm Amazonite beads

C: Seven crystal beaded-connectors: Two 4x6mm crystal rondelles

NOTE: Beaded-connectors are created by threading the bead or sequence of beads on a eye pin, then trimming the eye pin 1cm from the last bead. Then take your round-nose pliers and form a loop on the end.

STEP 4 Make up the ring beaded-connectors
Take two small Amazonite beaded-connectors (step 3A) and two 10mm plain rings. *Now take one of the small beaded-connectors and using one 6mm jump ring attach one end to the one of the rings. Now take another 6mm jump ring and thread the other side of the beaded connector to the other side ring*. Take the other small beaded connector and repeat from * to ** and finish the connector.
Check picture 4 for how connector should look finished.

Repeat this step six more times so you will have in total seven ring beaded-connectors

STEP 5 Make up beaded chain
Using 6mm jump rings attach the beaded-connectors from step 3 & 4 in the following order:
One medium Amazonite beaded-connector (step 3B), one crystal beaded-connector (step 3C), one ring beaded-connector (step 4).

Repeat the sequence six more times.

Take one more 6mm jump ring and attach the clasp at the end to finish the chain

STEP 6 Make up the necklace
Using one 8mm jump ring attach the tassel to the bottom of the centre ring. Take one more 8mm jump ring and attach the beaded-chain from step 6 to the top right of the ring. Take the last 8mm jump ring and thread the top left of the ring and the ends of the two 15cm sections of chain. Now take one 6mm ring and thread the end on the other side of the two section of chain and one 10mm plain ring.

Finish by threading one 6mm Amazonite bead on one head pin and finishing the head pin with a wrapped loop. Now take the last 6mm jump ring and thread the cast metal filigree leaf charm and the wrapped loop and attach the 10mm plain ring on the end of the chain.