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Autumn Bohemian Necklace


1 clasp
3 11mm cast metal plain rings
2 16x10mm cast metal four strand connector bar
1 46x35mm cast metal horse eye pendant
25 6mm jump rings
6 head pin with ball
6 medium eye pins
Approx 180 small eye pins (kit has 200)
1 strand of gemstone chip
6 12mm Czech carved triangle beads
2 13x8mm Czech flower beads (Dark Red Picasso)
3 9x6mm Czech flower bell beads (mixed)

Materials are available at wwww.beadsonline.com.au


1 Creating The Beaded Chains
Start your chain by taking two gemstone chips and two small eye pins. Now take your pliers and make sure that the loop of the eye pin is perfectly closed. The end of the wire must touch the main part of the pin (Pic 1A). Thread one chip bead on each eye pin, trimming each eye pin 1cm from the bead and using your round-nose pliers to form a loop (Pic 1B). Start your beaded chain by taking one of the newly created beaded-connectors and reopening the loop then threading one of the loops of the other beaded-connector before closing. Check that the eye pin is perfectly closed (Pic 1C). Keep adding to your chain using gemstone chips and eye pins until your first chain measures 39cm.

NOTE Check your gemstone chips before threading. You want the hole to be in the middle, so the chip will not break. If hole is not in the middle double check when threading in on the eye pin that it will not break up but applying pressure on the side. With thin gemstones chips use two chips instead of one.

It may help to get a production line going by threading a lot of gemstone chips on eye pins, then trimming them all at once, then creating loops and then adding them all at once on the beaded chain.

2. Using the method outlined in Step 1 create the following gemstone chip beaded-chains: one 39cm, one 41cm and two 18cm.

3. Take six medium eye pins and six Czech triangle beads. Create a beaded-connector by threading one bead on each of the eye pins, trimming the pin 1cm from the bead and forming a loop. Now take five jump rings and create a beaded chain by joining the newly created beaded-connectors up (Pic 3A). Now take one 6mm jump ring and thread one of the end of the beaded chain and attach the one 18cm section of gemstone chip beaded-chain (step 2). Using a 6mm jump ring attach the second 18cm section of gemstone chip beaded-chain (step 2) on the other side (Pic 3B).

4 Using 6mm jump rings attach your beaded-chains in the following order on the four strand connector bar. Top hole 39cm (step 1), second hole 39cm (step 2), third hole 41cm (step 3) and fourth hole the mixed gemstone and Czech beaded chain from step 3.

5 Take three plain rings and two 6mm jump rings. Create a chain by using the jump rings to join the rings. Then take one head pin with ball and thread one gemstone chip, start to create a wrapped loop but before closing attach to one of the rings on the end of the newly created chain (Pic. 5A).

Now take one 6mm jump ring and attach the open end of the newly created chain to the top loop of a four strand connector bar. Take one more 6mm jump ring and attach the clasp to the other side of the necklace (Pic. 5B).

6 Take five head pins with balls and five flower cup beads. Place one bead on each head pin and finish the head pin with a wrapped loop.
7 Take one 6mm jump ring and thread the horse eye pendant and attach to the middle jump ring of the fourth strand between the Czech triangle beads on the necklace.
8 Take one 6mm jump ring and thread one large flower cup bead and attach to the jump ring from step 7.
9 Take one 6mm jump ring and thread one small flower cup bead and attach to the jump ring to the previous jump ring. Repeat this step two more times.
10 Finish by taking the last 6mm jump ring and threading the last large flower cup and attach to the last jump ring from step 9.