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Blue & White Charm Bracelet


1 14mm cast metal ring
1 clasp
18cm chain
8 fits 16mm settings
32 9x3mm cast metal plain 5-petal flower cap
60 small head pins
4 medium head pins
8 bead caps
22 6mm jump rings

8 16mm altered-art cabochons
4 12mm porcelain beads
44 3x4mm Imperial Rondelle Beads
16 4x6mm Imperial Rondelle Beads – Lt Sapphire
16 4x6mm Imperial Rondelle Beads – Dark Sapphire
12 9x3mm flower Cup glass beads

Materials are available at wwww.beadsonline.com.au


1. Create the following beaded-dangles
A: Thirty-two small flower beaded-dangles : One 3x4mm rondelle bead and one cast metal plain 5-petal flower cap
B: Twelve clear flower cup beaded-dangles: One 3x4mm rondelle bead and one clear glass flower bead
C: Four porcelain beaded-dangles: One bead cap, one porcelain bead and one bead cap
D: Eight light sapphire beaded-dangles: One 4x6mm light sapphire rondelle bead
E: Eight sapphire beaded-dangles: One 4x6mm sapphire rondelle bead

NOTE: Beaded-dangles are created by threading the bead or sequence of beads on a head pin, then trimming the head pin 1cm from the last bead and forming a loop

2. Take eight cabochons and eight matching settings. Glue one cabochon to each setting.

3.Take one 6mm jump ring and thread the end of the 18cm length of chain and attach the clasp. Take one more 6mm jump ring and attach the 11mm cast metal twisted ring to the other end.

4. Take one jump ring and thread one small flower beaded-dangle (step 1A) and two clear flower cup beaded-dangles (step 1B). Close the jump ring. Repeat this step three more times.

4. Attach the charms and beaded-dangles to the bracelet base by using 6mm jump rings in the following order (start on the first link next to the jump ring attaching the clasp and keep adding charms every second link). Cluster all the items on one jump ring for each link.

LINK 1: One setting (step 2), one light sapphire beaded-dangle (step 1D) and sapphire beaded-dangle (step 1E)
LINK 3: One porcelain beaded-dangle (Step 1C) and three small flower beaded-dangle (step 1A)

LINK 5: Same as link 1

LINK 7: One beaded dangle combination on a jump ring (step 4 – thread the jump ring), two small flower beaded-dangle (step 1A) and one clear flower cup beaded-dangles (step 1B)

Repeat the sequence from link 1 to link 7 three more times to complete the bracelet.