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Christmas Wine Charm


6 40x35mm wine glass hoops
12 crimp beads
6 cast metal spacers w/Loop
6 jump rings
6 assorted Christmas charms
54 4x6mm Imperial crystal rondelles
18 head pins

Materials are available at wwww.beadsonline.com.au


1. Take one of the metal hoops and using your flat nose pliers carefully flatten the end of the hoop to allow the beads to pass freely (FIG. 1). Thread the following on the hoop 1 x crimp bead, 3 x Imperial crystal rondelle, 1 daisy spacer w/Loop, 3 x Imperial crystal and 1 x crimp bead. Thread the Imperial crystal rondelles so the dark colour sit on the outside, the lighter in the middle and the crystal in the centre. Take your flat-nose pliers and bend the end of the metal loop back to its original position.
2. Position the crystal and crimp beads in the centre of the loop and using your flat-nose pliers flatten the crimp beads (FIG. 2). Now in order to keep crimps in position you will need to re-crimp the little tail that forms when crimp is flatten out from the first time
(FIG. 3).
3. Take three crystals one of each colour (i.e. one dark green, one light green and one crystal) and three head pins. Place a bead on each head pin and create beaded dangles by trimming 1cm from the bead and forming a loop. Take one jump ring thread the loop on the bottom of the threaded spacer, the three beaded dangles and one charm.
4. Repeat steps 1 to 3 five more time to complete the set.