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Czech Dangle Earrings


Pair of brass moon shaped earring posts with backs
16cm chain
22cm 22ga wire
18 head pins with ball
18 4mm jump rings
2 8x6mm Czech faceted drop bead – Royal blue
2 20x9mm Czech spindle bead – Turquoise Silk w/ Picasso
2 9mm Czech Hibiscus flower beads Royal Blue Silk w/ Picasso Finish
44 5x3mm Czech rondelle bead Rondelle

Materials are available at wwww.beadsonline.com.au


1 Create the following beaded-dangles & finish each beaded-dangle with a wrapped loop
A: Four one bead beaded-dangles: One 5x3mm Czech rondelle bead
B: Four two bead beaded-dangles: Two 5x3mm Czech rondelle beads
C: Four three bead beaded-dangles: Three 5x3mm Czech rondelle beads
D: Four four bead beaded-dangles: Four 5x3mm Czech rondelle beads
E: Two centre bead beaded-dangles: One faceted drop bead and two 5×3 Czech rondelle beads

Beaded-dangles are created by threading the bead or sequence of beads on a head pin, then either finishing the head pin with a wrapped loop or a round loop.

2 Cut the chain into eight 7- link sections
3 Cut one 7cm section of wire and on one end of the wire start to form a wrapped loop but before closing the loop thread two lengths of 7-link chain (Pic. 3A). Thread one spindle bead on the wire and start to finish the wire with a wrapped loop but before closing thread two new lengths of 7-link chain. Using the picture 3B as a guide sit the chain so that two length go down and two will go up.

4 Cut one 5cm section of wire, on one end start to form a wrapped loop and before closing thread the two open ends of chain on each side of the spindle bead that are sitting up (Pic. 4A). Thread one hibiscus bead and start to start to finish the wire with a wrapped loop but before closing thread the bottom loop of the moon earring stud (Pic. 4B).

5 Take one 4mm jump ring and join the bottom two sections of chain as in picture 5A. Now take one new 4mm jump ring and thread the previous 4mm jump ring and one step 1E centre bead beaded-dangle (Pic. 5B).

6 On the bottom on the right side of chain count two links right from the end of the chain joined to the 4mm jump ring. Using a 4mm jump ring attach one 1D four bead beaded-dangle to this link. Repeat on the left side (Pic. 6A). You will be attaching the beaded dangles using 4mm jump rings from step 1 on every second link. From where you added the beaded-dangles on the right side count two more links and attach one 1C three bead beaded-dangle to the chain. Repeat on the left side (Pic. 6B). Count another two more links right and thread one 1B two bead beaded-dangle repeating on the left side. (Pic. 6C).

7 Take one 4mm jump ring and thread the outside wire loop attached to the centre spindle bead and one 1A one bead beaded-dangle. Repeat for the other side of the earring.

8 Repeat steps 3 to 7 to make up the second earring.