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Daisy Turquoise Necklace w/ Beaded Fan Detail


1 clasp
1 53x45mm cast metal round connector focal
1 10mm twisted ring

29 6mm jump rings
3 10mm jump rings
11 50mm head pins
4 medium eye pins
22 small eye pins

30cm 24ga wire
20cm chain

11 13x7mm Turquoise tear drop beard
14 14x8mm Turquoise barbell bead
20 8mm Turquoise round beads

Materials are available at wwww.beadsonline.com.au


STEP 1 Create the following beaded-connectors:
A: Ten barbell beaded-connectors : One barbell bead
B: Twelve round beaded-connectors : One 8mm round bead
C: Four medium beaded-connectors (use medium eye pin): One 8mm round bead, one barbell bead and one round bead

NOTE: Beaded-connectors are created by threading the bead or sequence of beads on an eye pin, then trimming the eye pin 1cm from the last bead and forming a loop

STEP 2 Take eleven head pins and eleven tear drop beads. Place a tear drop bead on each head pin. Now finish each head pin with a wrapped loop*

* See step-by-step instructions on making a wrapped loop on our blog

STEP 3 Divide the chain into two 10cm sections.

STEP 4 Create a beaded chain by using 6mm jump ring to join the beaded connectors in the following order: *One barbell beaded-connector (step 1A), one round beaded-connector (step 2B) **, repeat from * to **, one barbell beaded-connector, one medium beaded-connector (step 1C) & one round beaded-connector.

STEP 5. Now take a 10mm jump ring and thread the last beaded connector from step 4, four wrapped bead-dangles from step 2 and one round
beaded-connector. Finish the beaded chain by using 6mm jump rings to join up the following beaded connectors: One medium beaded-connector, one round beaded-connector, one barbell beaded-connector, one round
beaded-connector, one barbell beaded connector and one 10cm section of chain (step 3)

STEP 6 Repeat Step 4 to 5 to create the second necklace strap.

STEP 7 Create the fan detail
A: Divide your wire into two 15cm section

B: On the end of the wire create 1cm tail and wrap it around the jump ring to secure the wire. Check picture 7B for position

C: Spread the tear drops into the fan effect holding them between your fingers. You are going to secure them in this position by weaving the wire. Take the wire and bring it over the base first tear drop, and then under the second tear drop. Continue to weave the wire and when you reach the fifth tear drop. Then wrap the wire the base of tear drop and weave across a second time. Now wrap the wire around the base of the first tear drop and weave across one last time across the wire and finish the tail of the wire on the rim of the jump ring. Use the picture 7C as a guide.

STEP 8 Take one 6mm jump ring and thread the last wrapped loop and the bottom loop of the centre focal. Now take one more 6mm jump ring and thread the top loop of the centre focal and the twisted ring. Take two 6mm jump rings and use one jump ring to attach each beaded-necklace strap to the twisted ring. Take one 6mm jump ring and attach the clasp to the end of one of the necklace straps. Take one 10mm jump ring and attach to the end of the second necklace strap.