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Fairy Bookmark

Great way to use up extra beads


5cm curb chain
1 brass fairy pendant
1 bookmark
4 Swarovski head pins
7 head pins with ball
3 bead caps
3cm 22ga wire
2 6mm jump ring
1 lampwork bird bead
1 4mm spacer bead
3 Czech leaf beads
2 11mm Czech flower beads
1 lampwork rose bead
4 seed beads
3 8mm Czech flower beads
1 6mm Swarovski bicone
1 leaf pendant

Materials are available at wwww.beadsonline.com.au


Step 1 Make up the beaded charms
Create the following beaded dangles with head pins finishing with wrapped loops
a- Swarovksi head pin, lampwork bird & 4mm spacer bead x1
b- Head pin with ball & Czech leaf bead x3
c- Swarovski head pin , Czech flower bead x 2
d- Swarovski head pin, lampwork rose bead & seed bead x 1
e- Head pin with ball, 8mm Czech flower bead, bead cap & a seed bead x 3
f- Head pin with ball, 6mm Swarovski bicone x 1
Thread the 22ga wire through the top of your leaf pendant leaving a 1cm tail. Take the 1 cm tail and wrap it around the other piece of wire a few times; trim if needed and finish flushed. With the longer piece of wire create a wrapped loop so you can latter hand the pendant. Trim if needed.

Step 2 Constructing your bookmark base
Attach the top of your chain to the loop at the top of the bookmark with a 6mm jump ring. On the other side of the chain attach the fairy pendant with a 6mm jump ring.

Step 3 Adding the charms to your bookmark
Attach your charms to the bookmark chain with 4mm jump ring. Thread charms on different links on alternative sides.
Attach the bird charm to the top loop