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Fleur Charm Bracelet

Features Czech beads, Swarovski crystals and beautiful Australian gemstones


5 fleur brass charm
12 4mm daisy spacers
7 6mm brass jump rings
5 4mm brass jump rings
6 eye pins
6 brass head pins
1 hook
3 12x8mm Australian gemstone carnelian bead
18 4mm Swarovski bicones
3 10mm Czech fire-polish bead
Round-nose pliers
Flat-nose pliers
Wire cutter

Materials are available at wwww.beadsonline.com.au


Step 1 – Create gemstone beaded connectors
Take one eye pin and thread one 4mm Swarovski bicone, one daisy spacer, one gemstone bead, one daisy spacer and one 4mm Swarovski bicone; trim 1cm from the last bead and create a loop. Repeat 2 more times to
create in total 3 gemstone beaded connectors

Step 2 – Create fire-polish beaded connectors
Repeat step 1 substituting the gemstone bead with a 10mm Czech fire-polish. You will create three fire-polish connectors.

Step 3 – Make up the bracelet base
Take one 6mm jump ring and join a gemstone beaded
connector to a fire-polish beaded connector. Take one more 6mm jump ring and thread the other end of the fire-polish beaded connector and a new gemstone beaded connector.
Using 6mm jump rings continue to add beads to you chain working one fire-polish connector and one gemstone connector alternatively until the chain has in total of 6 connector beads.

Step 4 – Make up the Swarovski Dangles and join the charms
Take 5 head pins and thread and one 4mm Swarovski bicone on each head pin. Trim all the head pins 1cm from the bead and form a loop to create five Swarovski bicone dangles
Take one 4mm jump ring and thread one of the newly formed Swarovski dangle and one fleur brass charm; attach the jump ring on the first 6mm jump ring between the 1st and 2nd beaded connector on your beaded bracelet base. Attach the rest of your charm and Swarovski dangles in the same manner using the photo as a guide.

Step 5 – Attach the clasp
Create one last Swarovski dangle by taking one head pin and thread the last Swarovski bicone, trim and create and loop.
Take a 6mm jump ring and thread through one end of your bracelet and the Swarovski bicone. (If you need to make the bracelet bigger make a chain by adding more jump rings before you add the Swarovski dangle.).
On the other side of the bracelet take a 6mm jump ring and thread through the bottom of the hook.