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Four Strand Rubber & Crystal Owl Bracelet


1 cast metal leaf charm
1 hook
2 head pins
1 long head pin
8 6mm jump rings
4 crimp beads
4 charlotte End
64cm hollow rubber cord
80cm tiger tail
26 4mm cast metal daisy spacers
14 6x4mm Imperial crystal rondelle
1 porcelain owl bead

Materials are available at wwww.beadsonline.com.au


1. Cut the rubber cord into 16 x 4cm lengths

2. Cut the tiger tail into 4 x 20cm lengths

3. Take two 20cm length of tiger tail and thread both the ends through the one charlotte end and one a crimp bead, leaving a 1cm tail. Using your crimping pliers crimp the tiger tail, making sure the crimp bead is secure. Trim the ends close to the crimp bead and close the charlotte end.

4. Thread on each section of tiger tail:
(1 x 4cm section of rubber, 1 x daisy spacer, 1 x Imperial Rondelle, 1 x daisy spacer) x 3 & 1 x 4cm section of rubber

5. Take the two ends of the tiger tail and thread through the charlotte end and crimp bead. Crimp the crimp bead and trim the ends. Close the charlotte end.

6. Repeat step 3 to 5 for a second bracelet strap.

7. Take one head pin and thread one daisy spacer, 1 owl bead & 1 daisy spacer. Finish the head pin with a wrapped loop.

8. Create rondelle-beaded charms by taking two head pins and place on each head pin 1 x rondelle bead. Trim each head pin 1cm from the bead and form a loop.

9. Take four 6mm jump rings and join them together to form a chain. On the last jump ring attach one of the rondelle-beaded charms (step 8). Open the last jump ring on the other side of the jump ring chain and thread the ends of the two bracelet straps.

10. Take one more 6mm jump ring and thread the two open ends of the bracelet straps. Take one more 6mm jump ring and thread the previous jump ring and the hook.

11. Take one 6mm jump ring and attach the beaded owl charm (step7) to the 6mm jump ring attached to the two bracelet straps. Take the last 6mm jump ring and thread the leaf charm and the last
rondelle-beaded charms (step 8).