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Gypsy Star Earrings


1 Trinity Brass filigree star
4 Trinity Brass etched star charms
12cm small etched Trinity Brass chain
4 4mm jump ring
2 head pin
4 eye pins
2 ear hooks
6 6mm Swarovski bicone beads

Materials are available at wwww.beadsonline.com.au


Step 1
Divide the small etched chain into 2 x 4cm & 2 x 2cm lengths.

Step 2
Take one eye pin and thread 1 x 6mm Swarovski bicone. Trim 1cm from the last bead and create a loop. Before closing thread the end of 1 x 4cm length small etched chain. Gently open up the other side of the eye pin and thread the etched star charm and then gently closed.
Repeat this step but substitute the 4cm length small etched chain with the 2cm length.

Step 3
Take one 4mm jump ring and thread the open ends of both length of chain from step 2. Take one more 4mm jump ring and thread the previous 4mm jump ring, the star filigree and the bottom loop of the ear hook.

Step 4
Repeat step 2 & 3 to complete the other earring.