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Lovebird peacock earrings


2 Trinity Brass lovebird connectors
2 Trinity Brass ear hooks
6 4mm jump rings
6 jump rings
2 trimmed peacock eyes aprox. 50mm
2 10mm cord ends

4 4mm Swarovski bicones
2 6mm Swarovski bicones

Materials are available at wwww.beadsonline.com.au


1. Attach the cord ends to end of one peacock eye by inserting the tip of the peacock eye in the cord end and carefully closing each side of the cord end on the tip of the peacock eye using your chain-nose pliers. Take one lovebird connector and two 4mm jump ring and attach one jump ring in each of the bottom centre holes of the love bird connector. Take one 4mm jump ring and thread the two 4mm jump ring and the cord end with the feather attached. Now take three head pins, two 4mm bicones and 1 6mm bicone. Thread one bead on each head pin, trim and form a loop. Before closing the loop attach to the bottom 4mm jump ring. Take one ear hook and with your round nose pliers gently open the bottom loop and thread the centre top hole of the lovebird connector. Repeat this step to make up second earring.