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Macramé Feather or Leaf


376cm 3mm cotton cord
1 key ring

Materials are available at wwww.beadsonline.com.au


1. Cut your cord into one 40cm section and twenty-eight 12cm sections.

2. Take the 40cm section of cord and fold in half. Sit the fold in the large ring and secure with a knot. This is the spine of your leaf.

3. Take one of the 12cm section of cord and fold in half (PIC. 3A). Sit the larger section of cord (attached to the key ring) on top (PIC. 3B). Take one more 12cm section of cord and fold it in half and then take the folded section through the ends of the first piece of cord (PIC. 3C) over the main section of cord, the spine. Now take the open ends of the second section of cord through the looped section of the first section of cord (PIC. 3D) and tighten (PIC. 3E).

4. Repeat step 3 thirteen more times working down the spin. Push the knotted section upwards so each section finishes flush.

5. Finish the main section of cord with a double knot. Take a comb and brush out the cord. Working on a flat surface helps and make sure you hold the spine so the cord does not slip.

6. Finish by trimming your leaf. Take it slowly as it’s better to trim less than more.

You have the option of stiffening the finished feather using a fabric stiffener.