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Peacock Opal Birth Stone Necklace

Published in Australian Beading


Clasp set
4 crimp beads
4 wire guardians
4 crimp bead covers
30cm tiger tail (cut into two 15cm lengths)
8 6mm jump rings
2 4mm jump rings
20 4mm daisy spacers
2 25/18mm brass two ring settings
1 40/30mm brass setting
2 15/21mm brass diamond filigree
2 30/18mm pear clear glass teardrop
1 40/30mm clear acrylic cabochon
16 head pins with ball
2 Swarovski head pins emerald
2 eye pins
2 25/18mm Czech opal cabochons
2 18mm round imperial twist beads
8 4mm Swarovski bicones capri blue
8 4mm Swarovski bicones fern green
22 8mm Czech fire-polish beads blueberry
Peacock images
Diamond Glaze
Round-nose pliers
Flat-nose pliers
Wire cutters
E6000 glue

Materials are available at wwww.beadsonline.com.au


1. Take the 40/30mm brass setting and gently up-turning two of the top loops using the picture as a guide. Take the peacock image and cut to fit the 40/30mm acrylic cabochon. Apply a layer of Diamond Glaze to the back of the acrylic cabochon making sure it is free from bubbles and drop the image face down on it. When the peacock cabochon is dry glue to the brass setting.

2. Take the peacock image and cut two tear shapes a little bit bigger than the glass pear teardrop. Using Diamond Glaze stick the image face down to the back of the teardrop. When dry cut to fit. Glue the other image on the back so it faces face up. Cut to fit and seal with Diamond glaze. When dry re-pierce the top hole with a sharp pin.
Repeat to create one more peacock teardrop

3. Take two 25/18mm brass setting and using your E6000 glue a Czech glass opal in each one.

4. Take one 15cm length of tiger tail and thread one crimp bead, through one wire guardian and back through the crimp bead. Crimp the crimp bead with your crimping pliers. Take your flat-nose pliers and gently place the crimp cover on top of the crimp to hide. Work your flat-nose pliers around the crimp cover to close. Thread one 8mm fire-polish bead, one daisy spacer 11 times but on the last repetition omit the daisy spacer.
Finish the tiger tail by threading a crimp bead and one wire guardian and through the crimp bead again and hiding the tiger tail in the last few threaded beads. Close the crimp bead and cover with a crimp cover.
Repeat this step to create one more beaded strap.

5. Take one eye pin and thread one 18mm twisted round Imperial bead, cut 1cm from the bead and create a loop. Repeat this step to create one time to create more Imperial bead connector.

6. Using 6mm jump rings join the necklace up in the following order: one beaded strap, one Imperial bead connector, one diamond filigree, one 25/18mm setting with opal, one 40/30mm setting with peacock cabochon, one 25/18mm setting, one diamond filigree, one Imperial beaded connector and one beaded strap.

7. Using two 4mm jump rings attach the clasp to each side of the necklace.

8. Take two head pins with ball and thread one 4mm fern green bicone on one head pin and one 4mm capri blue bicone on the other. Trim 1cm from the last bead and create a loop. Before closing attach to the first 6mm jump rings (between the strap and the Imperial bead connector).
Repeat this step seven more time attaching 4mm fern green bicone daggle & 4mm capri blue bicone daggle to each of the 6mm jump ring alternating colours between emerald and sapphire.

9. Take one Swarovski head pin and thread the top loop of the peacock pear teardrop. Bend the head pin 90 degrees to the pear drop and trim 1cm from the bead. Create a “S” shape and before closing the loop attach to the bottom of the diamond filigree. Repeat for other side.