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Purple Tear Drop Necklace


1 large clasp
1 14x1mm cast metal plain rings
1 84x74mm tribal tear multi-loop pendant
5 6x2mm cast metal smooth saucer spacers
2 8mm cast metal daisy spacers
2 6mm cast metal daisy spacers
5 bead caps
9 head pins
11 eye pins medium
18 eye pins small
39 6mm jump rings

6 14x9mm Czech Hexagon long beads – amber transparent & blue picasso
3 8mm Czech firepolished round bead – crystal transparent with amethyst luster
2 8x6mm Czech faceted drop beads- blue opaline & silk with marbled finish
5 12x10mm Czech old style drop beads – dark purple luster
4 4x6mm Imperial rondelle beads – tanzanite
8 6x8mm Imperial rondelle beads – tanzanite
8 8x10mm Imperial rondelle beads – tanzanite
12 8mm Gemstone Violet stone

Materials are available at wwww.beadsonline.com.au


1 Create the following beaded-dangles
A: Two small beaded-dangles: One 8x6mm Czech faceted drop bead

B: Two firepolished beaded-dangles: One 8mm firepolished round bead, one saucer spacer & one 4x6mm crystal rondelle bead

C: Two medium beaded-dangles: One bead cap and one Czech old style drop bead

D: Two large beaded-dangles: One bead cap, one Czech old style drop bead, one saucer spacer & one 4x6mm crystal rondelle bead

E: One centre beaded-dangle: One bead cap, one Czech old style drop bead, one saucer spacer and one 8mm firepolished round bead

NOTE: Beaded-dangles are created by threading the bead or sequence of beads on a head pin, then either finishing the head pin with a wrapped loop or a round loop.
2 Using 6mm jump rings join the beaded-dangles from step 1 to the focal pendant. Loop 1 is the bottom first link on the left.
Loop 1 & 9: One 1A small beaded-dangle
Loop 2 & 8: One 1B firepolished beaded-dangle
Loop 3 & 7: One 1C medium beaded-dangle
Loop 4 & 6: One 1D large beaded-dangle
Loop 5 (centre link): One 1D centre beaded-dangle

Finish by taking one eye pin and threading one 8x10mm crystal rondelle, the top handing loop of the focal pendant and one more 8x10mm crystal rondelle. Bend the eye pin at a 90 degree angle flushed to the top (picture 2B), trim to measure 1cm and create a loop.

3 Create the following beaded-connectors:
A Two large double beaded-connectors: One 8x10mm crystal rondelle, one 8mm daisy spacer & one 8x10mm crystal rondelle

B Two large single beaded-connectors: One 8x10mm crystal rondelle

C Two medium double beaded-connectors: One 6x8mm crystal rondelle, one 6mm daisy spacer & one 6x8mm crystal rondelle

D Four medium single beaded-connectors: One 6x8mm crystal rondelle

E Six hexagon beaded-connectors: One Czech Hexagon long bead

F Twelve violet beaded-connectors: One 8mm violet stone

NOTE: Beaded-connectors are created by threading the bead or sequence of beads on an eye pin and finishing the eye pin with a loop.
4 Make up one beaded-strap by taking 6mm jump rings join the bead-connectors from step 3 in the following order: One 3A large double beaded-connector, one 3B single beaded-connector, one 3C medium double beaded-connector, [one 1E hexagon beaded-connector & one 1D medium single beaded-connector] x 2, one 1E hexagon beaded-connector, six violet beaded-connector and one clasp.

Note Brackets [ ] are also used to enclose a sequence of beaded-connectors that are to be repeated a specified number of times.

Repeat this step to make up the second beaded-strap but swap the clasp for one 14mm plain ring.

After you have finished this step use 6mm jump rings to join the beaded straps to the focal pendant.