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Sari Silk Tassel Necklace - Jasper & Crystals


1 clasp
1 14mm cast metal twisted ring
16 8mm cast metal twisted ring
1 handmade sari tassel
24 6mm jump rings
22 small eye pins
15 medium eye pins
2 bead caps
8 6mm Rhinestone Rondelle spacer beads

20 4x6mm Imperial Crystal rondelle beads – Opaque aqua
1 12x16mm Imperial Crystal rondelle bead
4 16x13x7mm Imperial Crystal Oval bead
24 8mm Silver Leaf Jasper beads
2 20mm Kashmiri style round beads

Materials are available at wwww.beadsonline.com.au


1 Create the following beaded-connectors using medium eye pins:
A: One centre beaded-connector: One bead cap, one 12x16mm
crystal rondelle and one bead cap
B: Four oval beaded-connectors: One 16x13mm Imperial Oval
C: Two Kashmiri beaded-connectors: One blue 4x6mm rondelle
bead, one Kashmiri bead and one blue 4x6mm rondelle bead
D: Eight long beaded-connectors: One silver Jasper bead, one
rhinestone rondelle and one silver Jasper bead
Create the following beaded-dangles using small eye pins:
E: Eight small beaded-connectors: One silver Jasper bead

NOTE: Beaded-connectors are created by threading the bead or sequence of beads on an eye pin, then trimming the eye pin 1cm from the last bead and forming a loop

2 Create the start of one beaded chain by using 6mm jump rings to join up beaded-connectors from step 1 in the following order: Two 1B oval beaded-connector, *one 1E small beaded-connector, one 1D long beaded-connector**, repeat sequence form * to **, one 1C Kashmiri beaded-connector, one 1D long beaded-connector, repeat sequence form * to ** and one 1E small beaded-connector.

3 Take your round-nose pliers and gently open the wire loop of the last beaded-connector from the beaded chain from step 2 and place/attach a twisted ring in the loop and then close the loop securing the ring in place. *Now take one small eye pin and using your round-nose pliers open the loop and attach to the twisted ring at the end of the beaded chain. Close the loop securing the ring. Now place one blue 4x6mm rondelle bead one the eye pin. Trim 1cm from the bead and start to create a loop. Before closing the loop thread one new twisted ring.** Repeat from * to ** six times.

4 Repeat steps 2 & 3 for the second necklace strap.

5 Take two 6mm jump ring, the two necklace straps and attach one jump ring to the beginning of each necklace strap. Now take one more 6mm jump ring and thread the top loop of the sari silk tassel and the jump rings attached to the bottom of the two necklace straps. Finish by using 6mm jump rings and attach one clasp to one side of the necklace and one 14mm twisted ring to the other.