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Scotty dog hair slides


4 iron hair slides with brass settings
4 18mm clear acrylic cabochons
1 sample tube Diamond Glaze
1 Scotty dog image sheet
Fine tip scissors
Pin, toothpick or head pin

Materials are available at wwww.beadsonline.com.au


Step 1 – Cut the image to fit the acrylic cabochons
Start by preparing your images. Cut the image from your photo sheet to fit the acrylic cabochons. You can use your cabochon as a template by pressing it down on the photo while you cut around it. Recommend using small scissors with a fine tip.

Step 2 – Apply Diamond Glaze to clear acrylic cabochon.
Place your cabochon so the dome side face down and the flat side faces up. Apply a thick even layer of Diamond Glaze straight from the tube. Check for bubbles. If there are any bubbles pop with a pin or push to the side. Make sure the entire surface is covered with the glaze
Note: The high acrylic cabochon will magnify any imperfections so its important that the layer of Diamond glaze is even and well spread out.

Step 3 – Adding the image
Drop the cut out image face down on the Glaze. Do not press down. Set aside and let the cabochon dry for 12-24 hours. Wipe any spills with a damp cloth.
If you have made a mistake and wish to start again, wash the acyclic cabochon with water. Do not wait until it dries.

Step 4. Adding to setting
When the acrylic cabochon are dry. Use a good layer of Diamond glaze glue the cabochon to the hair slide setting.