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Sweet Tulip Necklace

Featured in Australian Beading


1 metre 5mm hand dyed silk ribbon
6 8mm brass filigree tube beads antique gold
1 Trinity Brass Co. blooming bead cap
1 Trinity Brass Co. Soaring Sparrow Connector
7 brass head pins antique gold
2.5cm Trinity Brass Co. medium etched chain
4cm 20ga non-tarnish wire gold
35cm 26ga non-tarnish wire gold
1 6mm jump ring
2 8mm jump ring
1 10mm jump ring
1 hook
1 10mm glass pearl teardrop gold
6 3mm fire-polish Beads Online
6 6mm Czech glass round beads luster gold topaz
1 size 8 seed bead
Flat-nose pliers
Round-nose pliers
Wire cutters
E6000 glue

Materials are available at wwww.beadsonline.com.au


Step 1
Take one head pin and thread a 6mm Czech round bead, trim 1cm from the end and form a loop. Before you close hook the loop in the middle of the filigree tube. Repeat 5 times so you will have 6 beaded filigree tubes.

Step 2
Take one head pin thread one 3mm fire-polish bead, one glass pearl tear drop, trim 1cm from the end, form a simple loop. Before you close the loop attach to the bottom link of the 2.5cm piece of chain.

Step 3
Take one head pin thread a 3mm fire-polish bead and trim 1cm from the end, form a simple loop. Before you close the loop add it to the bottom link (the same as the tear drop). Repeat to make another three dangle but attach each dangle on a different link of the chain; on alternative sides.

Step 4
Take the 20ga wire, start to form a wrapped loop but before you close thread the top loop of the etched chain. On the wire thread one seed bead, one blooming bead cap and one 3mm fire-polish bead. Finish with a wrapped loop. Set aside.

Step 5
Take the brass bird stamping and using your round-nose pliers curl the tail. Take a 6mm jump ring and on the loop of the bird nose connect the blooming bead cap dangle created in step 4.

Step 6
Take one 10mm jump ring and thread the silk ribbon so it sits in the middle; the silk ribbon is now two silk strands. Secure the jump ring by wrapping 12cm of 26GA wire around the silk under the jump ring.

Step 7
On one strand of the silk ribbon thread a beaded filigree tube (step 1), 8cm from the wire wrap create a knot the silk ribbon. Using the other strand of the ribbon thread another beaded filigree tube and knot the ribbon 12cm from the wire wrap.

Step 8
Thread both strands of the silk ribbon through a beaded filigree tube. This will sit 6cm from your last knot. Then thread a 8mm jump ring; this is the center of your necklace where you will latter hang your pendant. Thread on one more beaded filigree tube.

Step 9
Using only one strand of the silk ribbon creates a knot 6cm from the center filigree tube; thread on another beaded filigree tube.

Step 10
On the other strand create a knot 10cm from the center filigree tube. Thread the last beaded filigree tube.

Step 11
Attach your hook to a 8mm jump ring. Thread both strands of silk through the jump ring. Fold over. Check to make sure the necklace is balanced. Adjust knots if needed. Secure the folded silk with a small piece of 26ga wire. Trim and glue down. When dry hide by wrapping around a piece 20cm of 26ga wire

Step 12
Take one 6mm jump ring and thread through the curled tail of your bird stamping and then through the middle 6mm jump ring of your necklace; close.