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Roses Are Red, Violets are Purple


1 26mm brass lobster heart clasp
2 11mm cast metal twisted rings
19cm (35 links) brass oval chain
2 8mm brass jump rings
11 6mm brass jump rings
2 crimp beads
2 4mm Charlotte ends
20cm tiger tail
9 eye pins
18 head pins
4 6mm rhinestone rondelle
10 3mm spacer beads
Cast metal charms

6 20mm shell beads
5 4x6mm Imperial Crystal rondelles
14 8x6mm Imperial Crystal rondelles vintage eggshell
18 8x6mm Imperial Crystal rondelles

Materials are available at wwww.beadsonline.com.au


1. Take the 20cm length of tiger tail and thread one end through the bottom charlotte end and one a crimp bead, leaving a 1cm tail. Using your flat-nose pliers squeeze the crimp bead flat making sure the crimp bead is secure and can’t be shifted. Trim the end of the tiger tail close to the crimp bead and close the charlotte end. Now thread on the tiger tail the following bead combination: *1 x shell beads, 1 x spacer bead, 1 x 4x6mm Crystal rondelle, 1 x spacer bead** repeat from * to ** four times and thread 1 x shell bead. Finish by treading the bottom of a charlotte end and crimp bead. Secure and trim.

2. Create the following beaded connectors.
A: Four single crystal beaded-connectors: One egg shell 8x6mm crystal rondelle
B: Five double crystal beaded-connectors: One egg shell 8x6mm crystal rondelle, one rhinestone rondelle and one egg shell 8x6mm crystal rondelle

NOTE: Beaded-connectors are created by threading the bead or sequence of beads on a eye pin, then trimming the eye pin 1cm from the last bead and forming a loop. .

3. Create a beaded chain by joining the beaded connectors from step 2 with 6mm jump rings in the following order: *1 x double crystal beaded-connectors, 1 x single crystal beaded-connectors** repeat from * to ** four times on the last repetition omit the single crystal beaded-connectors.

4. Start to make up the bracelet by taking one 8mm jump ring and threading the ends of the shell strand (step 1), the beaded chain (step 3) and the 19cm length of chain. Take on more 8mm jump ring and thread the other end of the three strands and one clasp. Take one 6mm jump ring and thread the two charms and attach to the previous 8mm jump ring.

5. Take one 6mm jump ring and join two cast metal twisted rings together to form a chain. Using a new 6mm jump ring attach the newly created chain to one end to the bracelet. Take one head pin and thread one 6x8mm crystal rondelle, trim a little over 1cm from the bead*** and using your round-nose create a loop. Gently undo the loop and attach to the end of the twisted ring chain.

6. Take 17 head pins and 17 8x6mm crystal rondelle beads. Create beaded-dangles by placing one bead on each head pin and trim little over 1cm from the bead*** and create a loop. Place the beaded-dangles on every second link of the chain starting two link from the end.

***NOTE the loops of the beaded dangles in the project are going to be slightly larger than normal as they are going directly on the chain