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Wild Heart Earrings


2 ear hooks
2 eye pins
2 Swarovski head pins
12cm thin flexrite beading wire
4 6mm Swarovski bicones
2 12mm Swarovski wild heart pendants
10 4mm Australian Carnelian round beads
Round-nose pliers
Flat-nose pliers
E6000 or similar

Materials are available at wwww.beadsonline.com.au


Step 1 Take 1 x 6cm length of flex-rite and thread 5 x Australian Carnelian round beads. Form a ring and tie the end together. Place a small drop of e6000 on the knot. Gently move the knot so it under one of the beads. Allow the glue dry and trim the excess wire.

Step 2 Take 1 x eye pin and thread 1 x 6mm bicone, thought the beaded ring created in step 1 and 1 x 6mm bicone. Trim 1cm from the bead and form a loop.

Step 3 Take one Swarovski head pin and thread one Swarovski wild heart pendant. Cut the head pin leaving a 1cm tail. Bend the head pin so it its at a 90 degree angle flushed to the pendant. Form a loop pushing it forward so it sits on the top of the pendant. Before closing the loop thread the bottom of the eye pin (step 2).

Step 4 Take 1 x ear hook and with your round nose pliers gently open the loop. Thread the other side of the eye pin from the previous step.

Repeat step 1 – 4 to create the other earring.