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Wood Cut Button Bracelet


6 29mm cast metal filigree connector dolly
5 head pins
1 6mm jump ring
6 10mm jump ring
1 clasp
6 8mm cast metal daisy spacers
48cm 24ga wire
6 28x20mm medium wood cut butterfly buttons
6 3x4mm Imperial Crystal rondelle smoky topaz
5 13x9mm Howlite leaf beads

Materials are available at wwww.beadsonline.com.au


1. Divide your 24ga wire into six 8cm lengths.

2. Take one 8cm length of wire and thread one 4x3mm crystal rondelle bead. Sit the bead the middle of the wire. Fold and mould the wire around it (picture 2A). Now thread on one 8mm daisy spacer and thread a length of wire through each button hole on the butterfly (picture 2B). Bring the wire together and thread through the middle hole of the filigree.

3. Adjust the position of the butterfly so the two large holes in the filigree sit on the side (picture 3A). Take the ends of wire and place them on opposite sides of each other on the filigree. Making sure the wire is flat work secure the ends by wrapping around one of the outside stems. Use the picture 3B as a guide.

4. Repeat step 2 and 3 five more times so you have in total six butterfly connectors.

5. Take five head pins and five howlite leaf beads. Place a bead on each head pin and create a beaded dangles by trimming each head pin 1cm from the bead and forming a loop.

6. Join the butterfly connector together using 10mm jump rings. Placing a beaded dangle from step 5 between each connector. Using a 6mm jump ring attach the clasp to one side of the bracelet. On the other side of the bracelet attach one 10mm jump ring.